Tohid Vahid

Tohid Vahid

He was born in Isfahan in an artistic family.

His father as his first teacher, taught home playing Ney.

He entered the music school and chose Kamanche as a technical instrument. He learned to play this instrument by maestro Shahriar Shokrani. After graduating from music school, he was accepted in music college and he could get his B.A . In spite of playing Kamanche , he taught himself playing Setar .

He was willing to compose music initialy and he has worked in the field of making music for films, cartoons as well as making and releasing music albums or singles. Further more, he has performed and presented different concerts in Iran and other countries such as Tajikestan , Armenia, Turkey, Romania, Russia , China, England and Nether lands, Germany, Portugal.

Also, It can indicate to his other activities in the domain of composing music like making movie and series soundtrack such as .....

Another impressive activity that he has done in traditional music was writing a new kind of song that called Tarsi'e

He got the third place and was the sole winner in first music festival called Aref.

Some albums including Sohrab and Gordafarid, Soge Sohrab, Vaghte Toloe mah,Astane Eshgh in traditional music have been released by him.

It should be mentioned that he was manager of Koche Bagh Studio and is skillful in the field of recording Sound, mixing and mastering Agostice music and has had a lot of activity in this domain.